September 17, 2014  
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In the Middle Ages and Renaissance, art was an important part of everyday life. Not only did it serve to make life more beautiful, but it was also a teaching tool and a means of conveying social status in a society that was largely illiterate. Stained glass windows and paintings taught religious and moral lessons, while clothing, jewelry, and furniture all indicated their owners' social status. In an age where everything was hand-made, a skilled craftsman (or woman) could turn an everyday object into a thing of beauty that would be handed down for generations. Architects, shoemakers, illuminators, and potters have all produced items that even today continue to enrich our lives by allowing us to study how people lived hundreds of years ago.

Scholars also made important contributions to the period. Some worked to preserve the past; it is through their efforts to find and conserve the works of ancient Greece and Rome that these works are available to us today. Others explored new areas of learning and new ways of thinking. Their work helped them to understand the world around them, and improved their lives and the lives of those around them.

In the modern Middle Ages, artistry and the pursuit of knowledge are equally important. The people who practice the arts and sciences of the period we study make these modern Middle Ages the best they can be by reviving period techniques in clothing, painting, textiles, woodworking and leather working, just to name a few. It takes all of these skills and more to create the Medieval environment for which we strive at every event. The Minister of Arts and Sciences helps promote and encourage this integral aspect of the Society by connecting eager learners with the resources and experts they need to further their studies.

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